Spa Mens Treatments

Mens Treatments

Nearly all of the treatments offered in our massage and body treatments are suitable for men as well as women, but this selection is particularly recommended for male skin…

Men's Energy Release Facial

This specially designed facial for men gives skin renewed strength and vitality. Often external and internal stress factors can upset the balance of your skin. This facial will deeply cleanse and soothe your skin improving its resilience. The healing power of hops and Siberian Ginseng will restore balance and the pressure point and scalp massage will leave you feeling energised.

30 minute treatment – £35
60 minute treatment – £59

Deep Tissue Back Massage

An invigorating massage that is ideal for relieving muscular aches and pains, the therapist will apply pressure that ensures you will achieve physical and psychological equilibrium. This massage will be tailored to your desired outcome – leaving you relaxed, revitalised or restored.

30 minute treatment – £33

Raindrop Massage

A warming, relaxing treatment that will leave you feeling as good as you do after walking through tropical rainfall. Your therapist will slowly drip essential oils along your spine and backs of the legs before performing a relaxing massage and applying warm compresses. This massage is particularly appropriate if you suffer from backache. An “Imagine” exclusive!

30 minute treatment – £35
60 minute treatment – £65

Imagine's Sensory Body Massage

A massage tailored to your desired outcome (relaxed, revitalised or restored) through a combination of your chosen silky smooth, nourishing massage oil and the pressure applied with kneading, rolling motions and pressure point massage. This invigorating massage relieves muscular aches and pains, bringing physical and psychological equilibrium with highly effective, noticeable effects on the skin, radiance and mental well-being.

30 minute treatment – £35
60 minute treatment full body – £65

Imagine's Sensory Body Scrub

A body scrub is an essential treatment for removing dead skin cells, increasing the circulation and leaving it feeling as soft as silk, revealing a brighter glow to your skin. We use rich grain mineral sea salts mixed with your chosen luxurious, silky smooth oil to exfoliate the skin, stabilise moisture levels and promote skin renewal. Perfect before a massage or wrap!

30 minute treatment – £35

Men's Manicure

A treatment for the hands, this specialist manicure will strengthen and condition your hands and nails. Shake hands with confidence.

30 minute treatment – £25

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