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Buggy Babies

Whether you're pregnant or are a new mum or dad, our pre and post natal training specialists will help you stay strong and healthy. Our Buggy Babies classes are particularly popular amongst new mums and dads who want to bring their babies along to classes, meaning they can keep fit without having to pay for babysitters.

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Post Natal Classes

Buggy Babies Bootcamp - This outdoor power walking / jogging class, with its mixture of cardio, muscle strengthening and toning exercises, is the answer to shifting those extra post natal pounds. Buggy Babies Bootcamp burns fat, improves posture and strengthens core muscles. Providing a safe and effective workout, this one-hour class allows for time to chat to other mums, caters for all fitness levels and provides motivation to regularly attend classes. The terrain is suitable for all buggy types, it's fun and naturally baby comes along too!

Buggy Babies Spinning – A truly fantastic 30-minute cardiovascular workout, performed on The Shrewsbury Club's stationary bikes. Vicki will keep you motivated as you stimulate riding along flat roads, climbing hills and maybe even racing some sprints! All whilst baby watches you go and enjoys the music!

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Whether you're pregnant or are a new mum, Vicki Card - our pre and post natal training specialist - will help you stay strong and healthy

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