Swimming Pool
Our heated 20 metre pool

Swimming Pool

Our heated 20m swimming pool is certainly one of the highlights of The Shrewsbury Club. Significantly extended and upgraded in Winter 2017, you can enjoy a swim in the most luxurious of settings, then relax in the new sauna, steam room and Vitality Pool.

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Brand New Swimming Pool

Swimming is great fun of course, but it is so much more.

Did you know:

  • Swimming uses all the major muscle groups at the same time, a good freestyler will burn 100 calories every ten minutes!
  • Water's buoyancy makes swimming a great exercise for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation.
  • Swimming is a leading cardiovascular exercise because you are moving against water, which is ten times more resistant than air.

We also offer the SWIMTAG scheme, technology that monitors your swimming and gives you valuable information and encouragement. Almost 100,000 people have signed up for SWIMTAG across the UK. It counts your lengths, records every swim, allows you to “compete” against other swimmers and more.

The water is warm and of course we now have refitted changing rooms and showers to enjoy too. The pool area has been extended for adults, where you can lie back on a lounger or rejuvenate in our Vitality Pool.

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Every movement in Aquafit is met with resistance from the water, which builds muscle and increases flexibility. The extra pressure from the water makes muscles work harder, which in turn makes the heart work harder.
Kit needed – Aqua dumbbells, hand mitts or hand paddles



Aqua Zumba brings new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. It combines the South American Zumba rhythm and dance steps with a pool party. It offers a fun but challenging, water-based, body-toning workout. So, liven up your working week with some Latin fever.
Kit needed – Aqua dumbbells, hand mitts or hand paddles

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