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Our recent £1.25m refurbishment has further improved the range of facilities: State-of-the-art gym, 80+ group exercise classes a week, indoor & outdoor tennis courts, luxurious swimming pool, day spa, café restaurant....

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Ok so back in September 2016 I injured my ACL and MCL was told it was a garde 2 injury, and that I would have to have them both reconstructed but b4 they would do that I needed to strengthen my knee. I told Tracy A what had been said and she did everything that she could to help me strengthen my knee b4 surgery. So in February 2017 I had the reconstruct of both ACL and MCL. After this I was finding it really hard to do anything I was having physiotherapy ever 2 weeks but still finding it hard. After 3-4 weeks after surgery Tracy had me back in the gym doing what the physio had been getting me to do even when I was finding it hard to do she would just incourage me to carry on and due to the help and support from Tracy I am now 3-4 weeks ahead of my recovery. So I just want to thank Tracy so much for her support and thank the other staff that have should there support to get me throw this hard time. I cannot thank Tracy enough for everything.


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