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Personal Trainers are not just for celebrities and athletes! Everyone can benefit from working with a Personal Trainer. If you only have a limited time in which to work out, a PT will ensure you get the best results possible.

Our Personal Trainers will devise a fitness programme tailored to you and then help you achieve them one step at a time. We have both male and female PTs, and all will help you have fun as well as keep in shape.

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Training Personalised To You

Another important element about personal training is that you will be shown the correct form for your exercises. Performing an exercise incorrectly can lead to injury, and watching a technique on YouTube is no guarantee of perfect form! A Personal Trainer will be paying attention to you 100% of the time, making adjustments where necessary, so that you know you are working effectively.

Personal training at The Shrewsbury Club does not have to be expensive either. It is an investment in your health, but maybe you only need a few sessions to get you on your way.

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I am a regular tennis player at the club and can only say good things, the facility's meet all my needs, staff are friendly and few little extras like a chiropractor, he has massively helped my overall performance. It's great to have a such wide variety of assistance and advise available.

Claire - Member

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