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The Shrewsbury Club - Fitness Classes

Welcome to our ultimate fitness classes page, here are a list of all of our new fitness classes at The Shrewsbury Club.


A 45min session that will sculpt and reshape your body. Designed to develop speed, strength & fitness, Reshape will change the way you train. Cardio training on the bikes, bags and ski ergs. Using modern training methods combined with resistance exercises, kettlebells & TRX makes this class a must for those who are looking to get fitter, leaner and have fun! Suitable for all levels of ability and experience.


A different approach to group cycling using proven and structured training plans, Ride sessions will improve cardiovascular fitness in no time. Whether you are training for an event, on a fat loss programme or just want to be fitter and get the most out of your training time then the only way is to Ride.


Get ready to fight fat in an explosive 45 minute workout with HIIT training at it’s heart. Kettlebell conditioning, fitness drills, boxing techniques and giving all you’ve got on the punch bags! With a range of Kettlebells to suit all levels of ability and timed sets of exercise, this class gives you the opportunity to build your intensity level or push yourself to the max. Let the battle commence! Look out for Live DJ sessions on the timetable too!


Lift introduces an element of strength and conditioning with a focus on controlled safe techniques. You will learn basic and more advanced lifting techniques with olympic bars and kettle bells. Combined with some body weight and core exercises this will add a new dimension to your training which you will love!

Hot Yoga

Focus your mind and body whilst improving strength, flexibility, energy levels and feelings of well-being. The heated room allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures as you follow the set sequence and begin to notice progression each week. Expect to sweat, work hard but feel invigorated at the end.


Kettlebells is a complete all over body workout which will raise your metabolic rate skywards. It’s structured, it’s simple to follow, and it’s a great conditioning session. Fat burning just got real simple…one piece of equipment, one goal, this program delivers a lean, toned body.

Cardio Core

Combining interval sets on the bike with structured and timed abdominal/core exercises, Cardio Core is a great way to develop fitness in and out of the saddle whilst focusing on technical aspects of core stability.


Metabolic conditioning or Metcon will add variety and a new challenge to your weekly routine. Offering a change in format to other classes, you will work in pairs, small groups or even alone to complete a set of exercises working to a variety of targets with the tunes on and the instructor demonstrating/motivating. Metcon will include formats such as EMOM (every minute on the minute) and AMRAP (As many reps as possible). Using body weight, TRX, Kettlebells, Barbells and even short bike efforts this is a great HIIT session maximising the use of time but maintaining the ability to cater for all.

Power Hour

Make working out the new going out! Power Hour brings you a structured session with elements from Reshape, Battle and Lift…a great way to finish your week or kick start your weekend with that extra 15 mins of hard work!

Caveman Training

Combining strength exercises with some high intensity intervals you will get leaner, fitter and stronger.

Caveman sessions are open to anyone and will include giant tyre flips, sledge hammers, rope slams, log squats and more all making for a great session in the great outdoors.

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