Track Your Fitness
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Track Your Fitness

We are all different, and respond in different ways to the same exercises and diets. So one training regime will not work exactly the same for two people.

At the Shrewsbury Club we have invested in the latest technology to provide all of our members with access to the mywellness® cloud and app system by Technogym®, which will change the way you experience fitness.

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Fitness Tracking App

The mywellness® system also enables our instructors to get a more comprehensive idea of your everyday fitness and adjust your programme continually.

The system doesn't move you towards your fitness goals by guesswork. Our app allows you to track your measurements precisely, giving you the advantage of being able to see real change over real time allowing you to stay focused. The app will further boost your motivation to exercise by providing weekly activities to complete based on your specific lifestyle and goals, whether that means meeting a weight loss goal, building muscle, or simply staying active.

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