Published: 16 July 2022

Yoga Retreat coming to The Shrewsbury Club on Sunday 7th August

Join The Shrewsbury Club on Sunday 7th August 13.15-16.45 in the Mind & Body studio

The Yoga Day Retreat opens with a wonderful upbeat and energising Vinyasa Flow practice (revitalising blend of movement, stretching, strengthening and breathing) adapted to whether you’re a beginner or well practiced yogi. This 90 minute practice will leave you feeling physically challenged, stronger and more confident and also deeply relaxed as we bring mind, body and soul into harmony. 


We then break for a light refreshments (hot/cold drinks and sweet treats - because life is all about a balance!) before we gather to enjoy and explore a short session of cleansing and relaxing Pranayama breathing practices with light meditation. 


Feeling deeply relaxed, and more connected to our own bodies and self, we'll take our time to unravel and release any last stress and anxiety we may be holding with a slower restorative yin yoga session - giving ourselves time to find some stillness and let the breath do it’s work on replenishing our bodies and minds. 


We will close our day retreat with a deeply relaxing guided Yoga Nidra, (yogic sleep!), a restorative and deeply nourishing practice where you will be encouraged to find a comfortable position to completely relax (we recommend bringing a blanket, cushion and layers for this bit) so that Lucy may guide you through spoken meditation to a state just between wakefulness and sleeping. There are many physical benefits to Yoga Nidra, such as reduced stress, better sleep and increased concentration and it can also create a profound sense of joy and overall well-being.


This day retreat is suitable for all. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion and wear comfortable layers. 

For more information or to book please contact Michelle on [email protected], once your place is confirmed please pay at reception

£15 per person, please secure your booking with a £5 deposit 


Published: 16 July 2022