Published: 15 June 2022

We're Celebrating Pride Month at The Shrewsbury Club

Here at The Shrewsbury Club we are celebrating Pride Month with a host of activities next week.

Pride Month is dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities all around the world throughout June.

Brad Jones, one of our friendly team of gym instructors, is organising our Pride Week, which will run from June 20 to June 26.

“We will be having rainbow-themed classes, so members will be dressing up in different colours to take part,” says Brad.

“As instructors we are going to be wearing multi-coloured head bands and different colours to raise awareness and just educate people on why we are doing it. 

“We will also be holding a cake sale in The Hub, which will be a fundraiser for charity, so that’s another way for people to get involved.”

Brad welcomes the introduction of our first Pride Week to the club’s calendar.

“I just think it’s great that as a club, as a family club, it’s good to make every generation aware,” he says. 

Brad, a member of The Shrewsbury Club team for the last four years, adds: “I’m filming a video as well which I’m hoping to get on social media about why the Pride movement happens.

“It will mention the history from the Stonewall riots in America and why we have Pride movements and Pride marches. 

“It’s not just about being gay, or lesbian, or trans, or whatever, it’s about everyone just being themselves. 

"I think people associate Pride with being gay, lesbian or whatever, but actually it’s not just about that.  

"It’s about everyone being themselves and happy in their own skin. That’s the message I want to get across to people.”    

Dave Courteen, our managing director, says: “We have always wanted to be an inclusive club and this is just one way of demonstrating that approach.

“It’s part of a wider campaign around Pride Month, so we felt it was really important to join in and celebrate the diversity of both the members and staff here at The Shrewsbury Club.”


Published: 15 June 2022