Published: 21 July 2022

Health & Mindset coach Anneka Reece is coming to The Shrewsbury Club Sunday 21st August

“The Genie With in'


Do you want to manifest more of what you want in your life? Did you know that you have a super computer in your head called your subconscious that is continually making sure that all of the commands you give it manifest in to your reality? The question is: what programmes are you feeding into your subconscious?


In this 2 hour immersive  workshop we will cover:


- The differences between your conscious and subconscious mind.

- How to utilise your subconscious mind to start manifesting more of what you want.

- Guided meditations to being the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind.

- You will leave with specific strategies and tools to continue this process in your daily life.

Please arrive at 12.45 for the session to start at 13.00. Wear comfy clothing, trainers or bare feet

£10 pp to be paid at reception 

To book email Michelle on [email protected]


Published: 21 July 2022