Explorers Activities
Family activities for key stage 1-2

Explorers (Key stage 1 and 2)

Introducing Explorers, our wide range of classes designed for members aged 5 - 10! The Shrewsbury Club offers a timetable that allows children to try different sports, with the emphasis on exploring something new. Our friendly, qualified instructors will guide your child through each world of fitness, from dance to swimming, while keeping the atmosphere enjoyable and exciting.

Explorers Activities

Explorers - Key Stage 1 & 2

During this time your children are discovering who they are and what they love doing, both in school and out. We want our Explorers to love exercising and learn new skills, all while having fun with other children of their age. Our Jiu Jitsu classes, for example, teach children the disciplines of ancient Japanese martial arts, which promote confidence and respect for yourself and others. Sports Explorers is a session where children can discover the world of team sports, where as well as improving fitness and co-ordination, they learn how to work well with others – and for us that is just as important.

The Shrewsbury Club is confident that the Explorers timetable helps children acquire new abilities and make friends, which combine to promote both health and confidence. And the fun element makes our Explorers eager to keep coming back for more! Check out the Explorers timetable or fill out the enquiry form if you'd like one of the team to get in touch!

Explorers Activity Timetable

Members aged 5-10 now have access to a wide range of activities - from Studio fun activities, to gymnastics and tennis sessions.

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