Clay Courts

Clay Courts

During 2012 and early 2013 the 4 outdoor clay tennis courts at The Shrewsbury Club underwent an extensive re-furbishment as part of the club’s £500K redevelopment plan. The clay courts benefitted from this investment with:

  • Over 20 tonnes of new clay laid
  • Over 250 man hours have spent working on the courts
  • Thousands of pounds invested in equipment to maintain the clay courts
  • Ongoing maintenance plan put in place to maintain and continue to improve the surface

The result of this commitment and expenditure is already paying dividends; for example, the lines didn’t lift over winter 2012 for the first time in 3 years. Moss, which will always be present in an organic based outdoor court, no longer forms a thick carpet over the entire playing surface.

In order to maximise the longevity of the new surface, we have adopted a policy of not treating the courts with chemicals as these only provide a short term, limited moss kill. Instead, we’re endeavouring to continue to use the courts all year round – a policy adopted by many  Tennis clubs throughout the world and the generally acknowledged, single best way to reduce moss formation and growth.

If you have never played on clay before there are many benefits to playing on this surface:

  • Ball speed is slower than other surfaces. This means longer rallies, more time to react to the ball and teaches how to construct winning points.
  • Kinder to joints. Being a flexible surface the clay absorbs the impact of your feet when running leaving you less tired than playing on other surfaces.
  • Fast drying. HarTru clay was chosen for this site as it dries much faster than red clay.

Who needs Hawkeye? Ball strikes leave marks on the clay so you can see whether the shot is in or out. This only works on a well groomed court which leads on to one task that is unique to clay courts – brushing.

After you finish on the court it is good etiquette to leave the court as you would wish to find it – with surface and lines brushed. This is a simple operation and only takes a few minutes, you could even consider it as being part of your cool down routine. If you are unsure of how to brush the court please ask at reception or one of the maintenance staff or tennis coaches. Brushes are on court at all times so there is no excuse for not doing it.

We hope you enjoy a great game, all year round on the new clay courts!