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Welcome to our members section where you will find a selection of testimonials from our members at The Shrewsbury Club.

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Our Members

Chris P, Shrewsbury

Awesome gym, awesome people, great all round friendly atmosphere

Sarah Louise T-B, Shrewsbury

The only gym that's made me enjoy going! Staff lovely and friendly and fitness team gave such good advice

Emily T, Crosshouses

Brilliant deep tissue massage at the Imagine Spa today. Friendly and professional staff, so relaxing but at the same time go those knots out! It's the second massage I've had since being a member here, with 2 different therapistsand both were fab! I know I will be back for more :-)

Kevin M, Acton Burrell

Great facilities, lovely staff, good food upstairs - perfect!

Jo M, Shrewsbury

Great facilities ... Fab instructors ... First class members!!!

Mark T, Shrewsbury

Great gym with friendly members of staff and a lot of facilities!

Simon J, Telford

A fantastic place to be a member of of The Shrewsbury Club is a great club to be a member of where we have made a lot of friends

Angela V, Church Stretton

A tennis club for the whole family. I love to play tennis afternoons with my younger daughter for some lovely social tennis and also play for the tennis team with my older daughter. My husband joins us for a lovely family meal in the bar afterwards. A really friendly local tennis club which caters for all standards and ages but guarantees fun tennis for all.

Nav, Shifnal

I am a regular tennis player at the club and can only say good things, the facility's meet all my needs, staff are friendly and few little extras like a chiropractor, he has massively helped my overall performance. It's great to have a such wide variety of assistance and advise available.

Alan V, Meole Brace

Treat the Club as my Second Home. Staff in general are great. Would recommend Personal Training Sessions to anyone. If I had to give the Club up, my Wife would be looking for a Divorce!

Rhia S, Telford

I spend more time at the club than I do at home! Not only has the club been a great place to get fit, I have made great friends! The team go the extra mile and always make me feel so welcome! As a bonus the dining area serve the best Egg Benedict Royale in town! I just need to try the spa that everyone raves about!

Ellen whittle, Telford

Would like to thank Duncan and his team and all the ladies who worked so hard tonight for a lovely evening of Thai food excellent as always


Have had Duncan's Thai Chicken for lunch, Excellent. particulary the pineapple sauce.


Sam is a assett to the Club. Style of Training is hard (polite way of putting it), but you will achieve your aims and targets. These are the days to look forward to! Thanks Sam!


Have had a fantastic session purely on weights with Kieran. To put the icing on the cake, had king prawn with rice, egg ,etc off Duncan's Special Board. Fantasic dish!! It's a must to try.


Had a Fantastic Session with Mickey in the Gym. A Trainer who will not let you give in easily. Great to let the "Frustation" out!! Many thanks Mickey.


Great Session with Kieran, followed by a Moroccan Veggie Burger. In the Hub. Fantasic in Pitta Bread. A must! Thanks.

Mrs Sharon Lloyd, Shrewsbury

I have just finished 10 personal training sessions with Conner Jackson at The Shrewsbury Club and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with those sessions - in fact, when I return from my holiday I shall be booking a further set with him. Conner is very knowledgeable about the science of fitness and explains what we are doing in each session and why. He is patient and, whilst pushing me to do more than I believe I can achieve, he does listen and modifies exercises, when I am struggling (which is quite often, as I am 60 and not very fit!) . Above all, he is a very polite and friendly young man, who always has a smile on his face - indeed, a real attribute to your organisation. Mrs Sharon Lloyd

Kate Brookstein, Chester

I have been to many different health clubs across the country but I have to say that The Shrewsbury Club is definitely one of the best, in terms of up to date gym equipment, staff and constant improvements being made. Julie on reception is so lovely and personable with everyone. I have tried different PT's at different clubs but started with Conner Jackson in January; considering he's still doing his qualifications his knowledge is really impressive. Rather than just instructing me to do different exercises he actually talks me through why I'm doing it and how it is effecting my body- this is something that I find really beneficial and that a lot of trainers don't do. His attitude is really refreshing, positive and friendly but firm enough to push me.

Laura Roberts, Shrewsbury

Ok so back in September 2016 I injured my ACL and MCL was told it was a garde 2 injury, and that I would have to have them both reconstructed but b4 they would do that I needed to strengthen my knee. I told Tracy A what had been said and she did everything that she could to help me strengthen my knee b4 surgery. So in February 2017 I had the reconstruct of both ACL and MCL. After this I was finding it really hard to do anything I was having physiotherapy ever 2 weeks but still finding it hard. After 3-4 weeks after surgery Tracy had me back in the gym doing what the physio had been getting me to do even when I was finding it hard to do she would just incourage me to carry on and due to the help and support from Tracy I am now 3-4 weeks ahead of my recovery. So I just want to thank Tracy so much for her support and thank the other staff that have should there support to get me throw this hard time. I cannot thank Tracy enough for everything.