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We are a friendly, family-orientated health club in Shrewsbury. We are very selective about who we employ to join our team as they need to have the same values as us. Professionally qualified where necessary, yes, but are they polite? Happy? Helpful? All super important qualities to make all our members feel welcome.

From the smile when you arrive to the 'goodbye' when you leave, we will do everything we can to make you feel like you're amongst friends. To make you feel that this is YOUR club.

Meet Our Shrewsbury Team

The Shrewsbury Team

Alvin Ward

Alvin Ward, General Manager

Hi, I'm Alvin. My main responsibility at the club is ensuring that our members and guests have an enjoyable, stress-free environment to achieve their lifestyle goals - whether that be health, tennis, relaxation or a combination of all three.

I love being a part of a team that embodies our core values of being an active part of our community in Shrewsbury, improving people's quality of life and actually caring about you as an individual.

Three words: Not the chipmunk

Richard Micklewright – Operations Manager

Richard Micklewright, Operations Manager

Hi, I'm Richard. My main responsibilities at the club are to deal with any maintenance issues and improvements. I will also be taking an active role in ensuring our members and guests enjoy their time with us and look forward to your feedback on how we are doing.

My job allows me to work with a fantastic team in a truly inspirational family friendly club that is part of the community. I am always available for a coffee and a chat.

Three words: Here to help

Katie Morris  – Spa Manager

Katie Morris , Spa Manager

Hi there, I'm Katie and I'm responsible for managing everything that happens at Imagine Spa at The Shrewsbury Club. I gained my Spa and foundation degree qualifications at Shrewsbury College, and joined the Imagine Spa team in 2012 as a Spa therapist. Throughout my time here I have been promoted to senior therapist and now Spa Manager. I love my role at The Shrewsbury Club as it means meeting new people and developing relationships with our regular members, not to mention the great team of spa therapists that have a great passion in what they do! My favourite treatment at Imagine Spa is the Raindrop massage, it makes me feel so relaxed with the essential oils and also helps with back ache.

Three words: Relax, Revitalise, Restore

Simon Haddleton

Simon Haddleton, Director of Tennis

At The Shrewsbury Club, I oversee the delivery of our tennis programme. Both the indoors and outreach programme are geared towards creating a love for the sport and my pain focus is creating an atmosphere whereby all players can enjoy their tennis and create an affinity with the sport which will stay with them forever.

Three words: Enjoy, Love, Tennis

Jon Gidney

Jon Gidney, Marketing Manager

Hi I'm Jon and I look after The Shrewsbury Club's marketing activities.

I have been a member at The Shrewsbury Club for many years and I have always enjoyed spending time at the club. The staff are welcoming, the members are friendly, and the club's facilities are excellent. If I can help you at all please email

Three words: Keep, Getting, Better

Michelle Read

Michelle Read, Fitness Manager

My main responsibilities with the fitness team are to ensure our members are on track to meet their goals. We do this in the form of providing programmes, reviews, personal training sessions and fitness testing, such as body fat percentage, etc. We also teach a wide variety of fitness classes, from the calm yet awesome Nifty 50s to the highly intense yet extremely satisfying Les Mills GRIT.

We love our job as it is our passion, and what better way to express our passion for fitness than by using it to help willing individuals make a change!

Three words: Awesomely motivational role-models

Aimee Anderson

Aimee Anderson, Children’s Activities Co-Ordinator

Hi my name is Aimee and I am the Children’s Activities Co-Ordinator.

My role at the club is to make sure there is always some family fun happening and children’s activities for you to enjoy. I love meeting all the children and parents and even helping out in some of the classes! I hope to keep the family and children’s activities interesting, entertaining and enjoyable whilst also developing some new, exciting experiences.

Three words: Family, Fun, Activities

Vicki Card

Vicki Card, MummyFit Co-ordinator

I make sure that the mummies in my classes receive the full experience of the club's facilities. Mums-to-be too, and new mums who want to bring their new arrivals with them.

I absolutely love my job!!! I work with a fantastic team at The Shrewsbury club. I get to meet some great people, who I am able to help stay strong and fit while being pregnant, or help new mums regain their pre-baby figure. And I get to give lots of little babies lots of cuddles!

Three words: Ginger ninja mummy

The reception team

The Reception Team

Alvin says that without us, the club might just be like any other gym. We are the first faces you see when you enter the building, and the last you see when leaving. Whether you've been coming to The Shrewsbury Club for years, or it's literally your first time, we will make you feel welcome. We always like to make everyone's latest experience at the club the best one yet!

Three words: Smiley, happy people

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