The only Myride® spin studio in shrewsbury!


The Shrewsbury Club is delighted to be the only health club in Shrewsbury to offer Myride®, the exciting way to experience "virtual" Spin classes!

Spin has already become a classic workout designed to improve cardio, tone legs and lose weight. In one Spin class you can burn around 400 - 600 calories (depending on your weight and other factors) and cycle the equivalent of 15 – 20 miles. And now with our new Myride® Spin studio, members will be able to further simulate the experience of road biking via the large screens that will show you the route you are cycling!

How it works

Myride® is an immersive indoor cycling experience, allowing you to watch a virtual bike journey on screens as you pedal. There are thousands of programmable rides, featuring both studio and real footage to build unique cycle courses. Mountains, rolling countryside, city streets. Imagine being able to choose where and how you ride without ever leaving The Shrewsbury Club!

Myride® is just part of our Spin class programme. We still offer the traditional instructor led Spin classes in our purpose-built Myride® studio for members to enjoy.

Myride® adds to the fantastic direction and motivation your Shrewsbury Club instructor will be providing. As s/he leads you through the session, their guidance will be complemented by the upbeat music and virtual Myride® screens, to provide you with a compelling cycling experience.

Spin whenever you want!

However, a huge benefit that our Myride® system does offer is the freedom for you to Spin whenever you want! We know that daily life doesn’t always let you make the time for every single timetabled class you’d like to do. This is why we are SO excited about offering Myride®. It allows you to work out whether an instructor is available or not. Any time you want to Spin, providing the Myride® studio is not already booked, you are free to use it, programme in your own session and get cycling! The virtual class will provide an on-screen instructor to guide you through your own session, or you can switch it off if you just want to Spin "alone". Alternatively a group of friends can meet up at the Club and have their own Spin class – you get to work out when you want to. Just clip in and rock out!

We are confident that you are going to love adding Myride® to your weekly workouts. Making Spin classes even more physically and socially engaging, time will fly on your virtual ride. If you’re a member we’ll hope you’ll give it a go, and if you’re not, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and come try a class for free! The quickest way to fitness is to cycle!

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I am a regular tennis player at the club and can only say good things, the facility's meet all my needs, staff are friendly and few little extras like a chiropractor, he has massively helped my overall performance. It's great to have a such wide variety of assistance and advise available.

Claire - Member