Adult tennis programmes at the Shrewsbury Club

Adult teaching

All adults are welcomed into The Shrewsbury Club’s tennis tuition programme once they have received a free induction from our coaching team. Our tennis coaching operates on a half-term course basis, incorporating a host of various exciting sessions designed to help you achieve your potential as a player.

All of our adult programmes are free for platinum members and there is a termly charge for non-members.

  1. Tennis Xpress – An effective, step-by-step approach that takes you from novice to playing a game of tennis in a short period of time. We use special low compression tennis balls to start with, which helps with your confidence.
  2. Technical Blitz – We use an iPad to film you hitting a specific shot and then provide a detailed analysis. This enables us to coach on technical improvements and maximise your development as a player.
  3. Singles Builder – A tactical coaching session where we build from week to week to improve your singles play.
  4. Doubles Builder – A tactical coaching session to improve your doubles play.
  5. Multi-Mixer – A fast-paced games session. It is ideal for players who are happy with how they hit the ball and just want a few tips and to have fun on the court.
  6. Cardio Tennis – This is a free-of-charge fitness session for all members of The Shrewsbury Club. Suitable for all abilities, we’ll get you burning around 600 calories running up, down and around a tennis court.
  7. Drills Challenge – A session where players undertake various tennis drills while receiving tactics from one of our coaches.
  8. Club Competitor – This is a matchplay session but using a different format every week – perfect for the highly competitive tennis player.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: 9.30-11.30am, Doubles Builder; Tuesday: 9.30-11.30am, Doubles Builder; Tuesday: 8.30-9.30pm: Multi-Mixer; Wednesday: 9.30-11.30am, Doubles Builder; Wednesday, from 6.30pm, Team matches night followed by food served by The Shrewsbury Club chef); Thursday: 8-9.30pm, Adults Drills Challenge; Friday: 8.45-10.15am, Adults Drills Challenge; Friday: 10.15-11.45am, Adult Drills Challenge.

All of our adult programmes are free for platinum members and there is a termly charge for non-members.

Interested in our adult learning?

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Our members

I am a regular tennis player at the club and can only say good things, the facility's meet all my needs, staff are friendly and few little extras like a chiropractor, he has massively helped my overall performance. It's great to have a such wide variety of assistance and advise available.

Claire - Member