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Fitness Tracking at The Shrewsbury Club
Whether you want to work out with friends or on your
own, we have a range of activities to suit
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Workout at The Shrewsbury Club
We use the latest technology and our systems are
compatible with most wearable apps

Tracking your fitness at the Shrewsbury Club

A number of gyms claim to offer fitness monitoring in some way, shape or form. But with the recent advances in mobile technology and health apps, The Shrewsbury Club has gone one step further for our members.

We have invested in the latest technology to provide all of our members with access to the mywellness® cloud and app system by Technogym®, which will change the way you experience fitness.

What is mywellness®?

Previously, members had a key fob for the gym, which let them access the workout programme that our instructors had personalised for them. But this naturally limited them to the exercise they were doing inside the club. The mywellness® app, however, can link in with other fitness apps, such as Strava and MyFitnessPal, meaning that members can monitor their exercise both in and out of The Shrewsbury Club. 24/7 monitoring!

The system also enables our instructors to get a more comprehensive idea of your everyday fitness and adjust your programme continually. As the information is stored in “the cloud”, it can be accessed from any mobile device, so all you do is wirelessly connect your phone to our new Technogym® CV equipment via a scan code and off you go! In summary, you can stay connected with us and access your fitness data whenever and wherever you like!(1)

Precise health monitoring

The mywellness® system doesn’t move you towards your fitness goals by guesswork, whereas so many people base their health and fitness on how their jeans feel or what the bathroom scales said this morning. Our app allows you to track your measurements precisely as the days go by, giving you the advantage of being able to see real change over real time.(2) Seeing your progress on a daily basis will help you stay focused. The app will further boost your motivation to exercise by providing weekly activities to complete based on your specific lifestyle.(1)

All about you

The ultimate value of the wellness system is its ability to craft unique pictures of an individual’s lifestyle regime. We are all different, and respond in different ways to the same exercises and diets. So one training regime will not work exactly the same for two people. The mywellness® system will allow you to learn more about your own body and what you can do to maximise your fitness progress, whether that means meeting a weight loss goal, building muscle, or simply staying active.

The Shrewsbury Club is the only fitness centre in Shrewsbury to offer the mywellness® system, as we know how much it can enhance the health of our community. To learn more about the technology and how it works, please fill out the form below and one of the team will get in touch.

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I am a regular tennis player at the club and can only say good things, the facility's meet all my needs, staff are friendly and few little extras like a chiropractor, he has massively helped my overall performance. It's great to have a such wide variety of assistance and advise available.

Claire - Member

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