Published: 15 November 2017

Wise up to winter - Shrewsbury spa blog

Winter can be just as challenging for our beauty routines as the summer months. With the colder weather and central heating being turned up, our skin loses a great deal of moisture which can aggravate dry skin.

It may be tempting to skip certain regimes like SPF application and body moisturising, but staying motivated with your routine will keep your skin looking its best.

Read our Shrewsbury beauty therapists' tips on how to maintain your beauty routine to stop redness, and dry, flaky skin settling in with the colder months ahead.

Face Wash

One of the most important things to change in your routine is your face wash. Foaming washes and gel cleansers are nice and light for the summer months, but they don’t offer much hydration in winter.

Try swapping to a cream, oil or balm based cleanser for extra moisturisation. These bases won’t strip as much of your natural facial oils which can worsen dry patches.

Cream and oil based cleansers work particularly well for dryer skin types, but also work well for oily/combination skin as it adjusts to the colder, dehydrating weather.

Facial Moisturiser

The best facial moisturiser to use in winter tends to be cream based as they’re more hydrating. The ingredients in creamy textures also form a physical barrier which help to keep moisture in the skin.

The sun can be just as damaging to the skin in winter as in the summer, so it’s important to keep it protected. Try to use a moisturiser with sunscreen that has a broad-spectrum SPF, this will save you time in the morning by cutting out a two-step application.

If your skin is particularly dry and raw with redness, rich creams may be irritating if they are fragranced so try to use a natural product.

Natural oils like raw coconut or argan are especially nourishing for dry or sensitive skin types. Apply the oil by itself on dry patches and irritated skin or mix it in with your usual night-time moisturiser for an extra dose of hydration.

Eye Cream

The type of eye cream you use in winter should also be as hydrating as possible and shouldn’t be a step to skip.

Eyes can be easily irritated in the winter months from the colder weather and dehydration can cause eyes to appear baggy and puffy.

It’s important to use eye cream rather than a facial moisturiser on your eyes as the skin in that area is extremely delicate and sensitive. It’s best to look for a natural and un-fragranced eye cream which won’t irritate sensitive eyes.

Try to apply your eye cream morning and night by dabbing the cream lightly around the eye area, making sure not to drag the skin.

Facial Scrubs

Dry skin patches are more frequent in the winter months and it’s tempting to use a gritty, abrasive facial scrub to remove them, but this can in fact irritate sensitive skin and create more dryness.

Although exfoliating can help to alleviate dry patches and encourage new skin cell growth, it’s important to use a gentle product with natural ingredients and should be used no more than once a week.

Cream based exfoliators containing plant enzymes are gentler on the skin and help to lift off dry, flaky skin without being abrasive and irritating.

Lip Balm

Lips are another part of the beauty routine not to forget about. The cold weather can dry lips out, causing most of us to lick our lips which again causes dryness.

To avoid dry, chapped lips it’s best to apply a lip balm as and when needed. Try to avoid glossy type lip balms with colour as these may dry your lips out further.

Instead, opt for an un-fragranced, natural lip balm that comes in a tube or pot. These tend to have a thicker texture such as beeswax which offers intense moisture. These lips balms tend to create a protective barrier to keep lips moisturised for longer.

Body Moisturiser

The switch to hotter showers and central heating in the winter months can cause the skin on our bodies to become dehydrated.

If you use a lightweight lotion in the summer, try swapping it for a thick, body butter made for drier skin types. Nut oil based body butters like coconut, argan and shea are particularly nourishing for the skin.

Another simple tip is swapping your regular shower gel or soap for a cleansing shower cream or skin conditioner which works as a pre-body moisturiser.


While adjusting your beauty routine for the winter months, why not treat yourself to a facial treatment at Imagine Spa Shrewsbury? Facial treatments are between 15 and 60-minutes and prices start from £18 and help to promote skin hydration and renewal. The Serial Mud Chamber is also a fantastic body treatment which cleanses the skin and accelerates toxin removal.  

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Published: 15 November 2017