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16 May 2017

Ladies - what is your ultimate makeup essential? It might be a dash of bright lipstick, a mattifying powder or pop of blush… These are all important, of course, but many of us would say our No.1 is mascara.

Over the years, our beauty therapists at Imagine Spa Shrewsbury have been collecting top tips for mascara application. These are all "tricks" that they use personally, and that any beauty professional should know. From their lips to your eyes – now you too can be a mascara expert!


  • Avoid clumps by wiping off excess mascara on the wand before applying. If you see any blobby bits, wipe them off first.


  • Get the most defined lashes possible by using lengthening mascara first and then add a coat of thickening mascara. This will take twice as long, but will look twice as good! Don't let the first layer dry before you add the second layer or your lashes will clump and the product will crumble.


  • Always use a lash curler, as curling up the lashes will help to make your eyes look larger. Some of us say they should be used before applying mascara, some say after, and this really is a personal choice. Either way, the main consensus is that you should use curlers for the best, lifted lashes.


  • Don’t ‘pump’ the mascara wand in and out of the container. We’ve seen a lot of people doing this in our time, and it’s not a good habit. This will pump air into the tube and ultimately will dry out the contents, meaning you have to buy replacements more often. Save money and don’t pump!


  • Don’t throw away your old wand! Wash it in soap to remove any residual product and you are left with a handy, free lash comb. This is an essential tool to separate and de-clump lashes after applying mascara.


The non-mascara option

If you want the look of darker, larger eyelashes without the need for makeup, look no further than eyelash tinting at Imagine Spa in Shrewsbury. For just £10 you can enjoy a 30-minute treatment that will leave you with stunning, water-resistant lashes for weeks.

We also offer our Sensational Eyes treatment with tint, for just £37. Enhance your delicate eye area with this nourishing, refreshing and firming eye treatment. Active complexes help to drain, brighten and firm while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and you can choose to include the tint service for more defined eyes. Sensational Eyes can be enjoyed as a standalone or as an add on to any facial.

If you would like to book an Eyelash Tint or Sensational Eyes session at Imagine Spa Shrewsbury, please call 01743 467755 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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