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Published: 16 October 2020

My Soul Space Yoga At The Shrewsbury Club!

My Soul Space Yoga studio has moved to The Shrewsbury Club, and we’re thrilled to be offering more Yoga classes to all of our members!

My Soul Space founder, Emma Burton, has brought her expertise and experience with her to make The Shrewsbury Club the leading choice for not just Yoga but HOT YOGA.


What does this mean for members?

Shrewsbury Club members can now enjoy all the wonderful benefits of Emma’s Yoga classes - and soon our brand new Yoga Pod - as part of their membership. It also means that My Soul Space members get access to all of the club’s facilities too. It’s win-win for everyone!


Who are our Yoga classes for?

There are Yoga classes that are suitable for everyone.

Absolutely everyone.

My Soul Space specialises in Hot Yoga and their signature class, Hot Bod, is a safe practice for people experiencing back problems and injuries. It’s a great class regardless of your age or ability.


What are the main benefits of Yoga?

There are so many benefits to yoga. It’s more popular than ever… even after thousands of years! Not only can it provide an instant feeling of relaxation and calm, it’s good for fitness and toning.

Yoga makes you feel as though you are removing all of the cobwebs throughout your body. It leaves you feeling flexible, stronger, more grounded and with improved balance.


Emma has a book out about yoga!

“Don't Get Stuck On Your Asana" is about the benefits of everything Yoga-related.

Many people are training as Yoga teachers and there are lots of quick courses out there. However, Emma felt that Yoga was in danger of becoming solely focused on people’s flexibility, and that it was in danger of losing its soul.

In her book, Emma talks about what she gained through her Yoga practice. Not just the physical benefits, although again there are many. But the asanas, the postures and generally helping with people’s wellbeing.

Emma also reveals in the book lots of tips she has learned throughout her years of teaching and practising.

She details how she cured her back problems through Hot Yoga. To read Emma’s book for yourself, you can find it HERE.


How will the new classes work? Are they included within membership or do members have to pay extra and can non-members do the classes?

My Soul Space’s classes are accessible to all members of The Shrewsbury Club.

If you’re not yet a member, why not join today as membership will include membership of My Soul Space. One membership for all the group exercise classes we offer, from Yoga to Les Mills and Spin. People who aren’t members can’t attend; there are no Pay As You Go classes at The Shrewsbury Club.

Furthermore, we’ll be running some special Yoga workshops. Non-members can attend these… for a cost. Members will have to pay as well, but they'll enjoy a preferential rate.


What are the benefits members will experience if they regularly attend Yoga classes?

Our members should feel awesome after every class.

When you take part in fitness and exercise, you feel good. You get a hit of endorphins.

But with Yoga, it’s on a deeper level. The mindfulness that we practice should leave you feeling blissed out for the rest of the day, encouraging you to do more and more.

You’ll feel amazing. It's an exercise you will want to come to as opposed to forcing yourself to go.


The new Yoga Pod will be arriving at the club in a few weeks’ time!

As mentioned, the club is building a brand new Yoga Pod!

It's going to be a ceramic-encased dome that is purpose-built for Yoga practice. The ambience of the space that you practice Yoga in is important. The pod is state-of-the-art, and it will be located behind the new outdoor gym zone.

As soon as you open the door, it won’t be like walking into a gym. It will look and feel like a dedicated Yoga studio. You can leave all of your worries behind and start feeling calm and relaxed. As well as get a sweat on!


As ever, if you have any questions, call 01743 467755.

Published: 16 October 2020