Published: 28 July 2018

Make a splash with swimming lessons at The Shrewsbury Club

With the summer holidays fast approaching, many families will be looking forward to a well-deserved break. Whether you choose to book a trip abroad or enjoy the coastlines of the UK, you will probably spend some time in the pool or sea.

You will no doubt make a list of the necessities to pack, like swimming costumes and lots of sun block, but have you wondered whether your child can actually swim proficiently?

Our swimming instructors explain why it’s so important that children learn how to swim well:

Even if your child has some experience in the water and will probably be fine – accidents can unfortunately happen. The Child Accident Prevention Trust lists drowning as one of the main causes of accidents and injuries and in the space of six years; over 30 children from the UK have drowned while on holiday abroad.

These are concerning statistics but it’s important to educate children and parents on the best ways to take precautions so that they can enjoy holidays and the summer months safely.

Learn a life skill

Being able to swim is a vital skill for little ones to learn and it also enables them to enjoy exercise in a fun way while reaping the health benefits [1]:

• Uses all your muscles so it’s a full-body workout
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• Improves cardiovascular fitness
• Helps to improve the quality of your sleep
• Lowers the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease


Why pick The Shrewsbury Club?

Our heated 20-metre swimming pool was upgraded in 2017 as part of a £1.4m renovation.The pool remains one of the main highlights for club members. Naturally, we understand how beneficial and important swimming is for children… which is why we offer lessons for members through Swimtime. The classes are taught by friendly and experienced Swimtime teachers, who are passionate about providing this valuable life skill.

Children (under 16) of adult members can join The Shrewsbury Club for free, which includes use of the pool as well as access to a dedicated Family Activity timetable. Martial arts, yoga, spin, homework club and more! Swimming lessons are extra, competitively priced with convenient lesson times to choose from. Again, they are only available for members of The Shrewsbury Club.

For more information on our swimming lessons in Shrewsbury, please call 01743 467755 or email

Published: 28 July 2018