Published: 08 March 2018

Maggie's pledge to eat healthier makes her a winner at The Shrewsbury Club

One of our younger members has won our new year pledge campaign for members of The Shrewsbury Club. We were delighted to be inundated with pledges from members of all ages, which were displayed by the club entrance. 

Six-year-old Maggie, who really enjoys swimming in our popular pool, has now been declared the winner. Maggie’s pledge for 2018 was to “eat healthier.” She has won a selection of prizes and is particularly excited about the tennis lessons she will receive and also the guest passes as she is looking forward to inviting her friends.

Maggie’s favourite meal is chicken, pasta and sweetcorn: “It is plain but tastes nice," she said, while she enjoys a glass of cold milk.  Maggie already knows the importance of leading an active lifestyle and has sporty ambitions for the future. She said: "I want to be an Olympian when I grow up, so will try all the classes at The Shrewsbury Club to see what I like best. I would like to try tennis, dancing and gymnastics.”

Anna, Maggie’s mum, said her daughter enjoys her regular visits to The Shrewsbury Club. She also hailed just how family friendly the club is. Anna added: "We have been members for a few years and find that The Shrewsbury Club is a very friendly, relaxed place. Primarily, we use the club for swimming. I wanted my daughter to be used to the water and to have a chance to splash about outside of structured swimming lessons. "It has certainly improved her confidence."

"I like the aqua and clubbercise classes as both are good fun and everyone is always welcoming. I have been impressed by the refurbishment and clearly a lot of thought has gone into what members need. I’m particularly pleased with improvements for families and the children’s programme is excellent. I am keen for exercise to become part of our weekly routine so having a variety of options for us both to try out is great."

"The changes upstairs have created a more relaxing environment to meet friends and family or just to rest between classes. I have noticed more families after school taking part in different activities, finishing homework and meeting to have a meal. The soft play area is great to keep smaller children entertained. We have been spending longer in the pool and this is because of the more relaxed atmosphere created by the new décor and lighting.” 

Pictured: Maggie at The Shrewsbury Club in front of pledges for 2018 from other members.

Published: 08 March 2018