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Family activities for key stage 4

Base (Key stage 4)

Our oldest children's activity category is for Key Stage 4 teenagers aged 14-15, which we have called Base. It is a programme of classes for youngsters who are ready to step up their fitness and really challenge themselves, both in a structured, instructor-led environment and unaccompanied. It can be hard to keep teenagers interested in maintaining their fitness and staying active. As they get older they can lose interest in sports at school for a number of reasons, such as body insecurity and not feeling it's 'cool'. We think our Base classes will help them stay positive about health and fitness.

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Base - Key Stage 4

Base Members will be able to join classes such as Base Zumba, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Functional (using our fitness equipment), where instructors will motivate and help them to make the most of their workout.

The Shrewsbury Club also includes all-day Family Gym at the weekend! Following an induction, Base teens are welcome to come and use our ground floor cardio gym with their parents at any time during the weekend. We believe that allowing Base members access to the gym will encourage them to gain an independent interest in their own fitness, which will lay great foundations for their future health.

Are you keen to get your 14 – 15-year old involved in our range of Base classes? Check out the Base timetable to learn what other exciting activities we offer! Or if you'd like to arrange a free tour, please fill out the form below and one of the Family Activity team will get in touch.

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Members aged 14-15 will be able to attend group exercise classes including Zumba, TRX & HIIT. They will also enjoy the opportunity to workout in the ground floor cardio gym with their parents at the weekend.

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